• Trinity Property Management announces partnership with Spark Local Marketing

  • Jennifer Hallex of Trinity Property Management is happy to announce their new online marketing partnership deal with Scott Meadows and his team at Spark Local Marketing.

    What does this collaboration mean for property owners? Greater visibility for their property and more profitability. 

    When you own any type of rental property, you want to leave your investment in good hands while generating high returns on a regular basis. You can only achieve this by entrusting your rental property in the hands of an experienced property management company like Trinity Property Management, with a track record of excellent service delivery and proven marketing strategy that results in maximum profit for you.

    Trinity Property Management is a leading property management company serving rental property owners in the Greenville, SC area. The company handles any type of rental property such as apartments, condominiums, duplexes, single family homes, etc.  Their team of expert property managers are committed to handling your investment property in order to create the highest return on investment by ensuring that your rental property is properly maintained and cared for by tenants.

    When you hire Trinity Property Management, you can rest assured that you are leaving your investment property in safe hands. Additionally, you are making a choice to expand the awareness for your rental property to attract prospective qualified tenants.

    Trinity Property Management recently signed an online marketing partnership with Spark Local Marketing – a top rated online marketing firm in Greenville SC. The local marketing firm run by Scott Meadows and his team of expert internet marketing professionals are reputable for helping their clients generate highly qualified leads and more revenue. With this new partnership, Spark Local Marketing will work with Trinity to ensure that your investment property gains the needed awareness to attract interested quality tenants.

    Both Trinity Property Management and Spark Local Marketing are leading companies in their respective niches with an overwhelming number of positive reviews from their past and current clients.

    Why Should You Work Trinity Property Management?


    Trinity Property Management is one of the best property management companies in Greenville, SC.  Unfortunately, there are many property management companies out there who claim they are into rental property management and label themselves as property managers without even understanding what the job entails. You should be wary of such people as hiring them may severely hurt your profitability. Hiring the property management experts at Trinity Property Management to manage your rental property doesn’t only guarantee the highest returns possible, but also ensures that your rental property is properly maintained.


    Experience is key when you are looking to hire a property manager in the Grenville SC area. Trinity Property Management has 14 years combined experience providing property owners around Greenville with top-of-the-line property management services. 


    As in any business, integrity is an important factor to consider when you are hiring an expert to manage your investment property. Is the property management company reliable? Are they trustworthy? Can you take them for their word? Fortunately, Trinity Property Management ticks all the boxes for your ideal property management company. Their integrity has earned them strong endorsements and recommendations from their past and present clients.


    Each state has a requirement that an individual or company must meet before they can start providing property management services. In South Carolina, a property manager must have completed a course in real estate management, passed property management examination and applied for a property manager or property manager-in-charge within one year. Property managers at Trinity Property Management are both certified and licensed.

    Need trusted professionals to manage your rental property? Visit http://trinitypmsc.com/ or call 864-534-3479.