• Property Management Company Offers Tips, Services to Avoid Rental Scams

  • In a world full of opportunity, the Internet age has ushered in an atmosphere of possibility and potential. Oftentimes, those who make the most of the options available are reputable and legitimate. Unfortunately, the world is full of scam artists as well, and they are often aided by the anonymity and simplicity that technology provides. Rental property scams have become a common problem, and they successfully victimize both the property owner and the renter.

    Various scams involving rental properties aim to fool prospective renters, who are often taken in by a quality scam. The innocent victims have no idea what’s happened until they show up to their new home or apartment, only to discover that they have no home or apartment at all. Legitimate property owners are unaware that their listing, photos, or rental address have been used to perpetrate a fraud. Oftentimes, the fraudulent listing details are vague, the wording is choppy and misspelled, or the photos are watermarked.

    Some of the most common rental property scams involve copied listings. A legitimate listing is copied and reposted with a mere change of the contact information. It’s not uncommon for the scammer to demand a security deposit or the first month’s rent before the victim has seen the property firsthand. Once the deposit is given, the scammer disappears with the money. The renter is left without their money or home, while the legitimate listing has now been sullied by an unfortunate theft.

    When listing a home or apartment for lease, the landlord must be vigilant and aware of the potential for a scam. Red flag details are helpful tools for potential renters in determining whether or not a listing is fraudulent. A warning sign could be something as simple as a significantly lower rent than is expected for the property in question, or the fact that there is no official lease available. A property owner who claims to be out of the country is also questionable, as is the fact that owner himself/herself is unavailable to contact or show the property.

    Other types of common rental scams include a request for wired money, the inability to see the inside of the home or apartment, and an extensive background check. While a background check is a common protocol for many legitimate rental owners or property management companies, the cost of such a background check shouldn’t exceed the expected $30-$75.

    A reliable method is available for successfully listing and finalizing a rental agreement without the worry of a scam artist hijacking the listing or duplicating the information. Hiring a trusted property management company will help to ensure the avoidance of the various rental property scams that are so prevalent. Trinity Property Management is happy to serve their community, and has done so for over a decade. Jennifer Hallex, owner of the property management company in Greenville, SC, provides a team who is focused on taking care of the rental properties under their care, undistracted by other demands or businesses.

    “Trinity Property Management is a full service property management services company serving the entire Upstate South Carolina area including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville, Easley, Clemson, Pickens, etc,” states the Greenville property management company on their website.

    Providing a higher level of personal service, the expert property managers have 14 years of on the job experience with Trinity, allowing them to apply their expertise as dependable and enthusiastic Greenville property managers. A source of reliable property rentals and management, the team at Trinity creates a network of property owners, tenants, and property managers, working together to keep the investment properties in their care beautiful and profitable.

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