• How Your Property Management Company in Greenville SC Brings in Punctual Payments from Your Tenants

  • One of the biggest concerns for rental property owners of any kind is getting paid on time. From late payments to the check coming in the mail, the whole process can often be one big headache. A trusted property management firm can help you with these issues by using a few very important tools. The specialists at Trinity Property Management in Greenville SC are here to handle the entire payment process for you and help you leave all the hassle behind.

    Top 5 Ways To Keep Payments Coming in On Time

    Professional property managers, like Trinity Property Management, have experience dealing with late payments. We’ve come up with some practical procedures that have a record for creating prompt payments. Here are our top five ways to keep your tenants paying on time.

    1) Go Digital - One of the best things you can possibly do for your rental property profits is to go digital for payments. Hardly anyone pays in cash anymore and very few people use checkbooks on a regular basis. Plus, a secure online payment portal comes with multiple advantages: 

    • Easy Accessibility to Tenants Who Can Pay Any Time and Anywhere
    • Trackable Payments for Your Company
    • No More Waiting On Checks In the Mail
    • Multiple Options Available for Owners, Including Automatic Late Fees, Recurring Payments, and Instant Reminders for Tenants

    2) Incurring Late Fees- Absolutely no one enjoys paying more for something than they have to. While late fees seem like a negative option, tenants will work hard to avoid them. They are a powerful way to prevent late payments. Make sure they are included in the lease or rental agreement and include stipulations for the late fee amount.

    3) Add Incentives - In the same way that late fees discourage tenants from making late payments, incentives encourage tenants to remain both prompt and loyal to your rental properties. After so many payments send a gift basket or take a small percentage off of the next payment. Any gesture will make your tenants feel valued.

    4) Offer Recurring Payment Options - Many people budget out regular payments at the same time each month, depending on their pay schedule. A recurring payment plan that is automatically transferred to your account will be expedient for both your tenants and for you, as the owner. Recurring payment plans are easy to set up and cancel, if or when the lease ends. Your clients will love the convenience and you’ll love the reliability.

    5) Track Everything Easily - Tracking who paid what and when it came in can be really time-consuming, not to mention following late payments, rental agreement expiration dates and everything else. This is one thing that your property management company in Greenville SC can really help you with, especially the professionals at Trinity Property Management. We can track every single aspect of your rental property business and make it very easily accessible to you and your business. Tracking tools make investments easier and taxes much quicker at the end of the year.

    Easily Encourage Loyalty and Prompt Payments

    Managing residential or commercial rental properties can be a difficult business. It takes time, attention, and finesse. If you are looking for a great return on your investment without the stress, leave it to Trinity Property Management. We have the experience, the tools, and the knowledge to keep your rental income flowing in. Give us a call at 864-534-3479 or you can even contact us online. Leave everything to us and you’ll see why we remain the best choice for Greenville SC property management services.