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    When you own any type of rental property you want to be sure your investment is in good hands. The risk is too high to leave the management of your property to just anyone. The team at Trinity Property Management treats each property as if it were their own and each client as if they were a part of our family.  

    Trinity Property Management provides top of the line property management services for property owners from every background. Our experts have over 18 years of experience in rental property management. We service a wide variety of residential properties. These include:

    •     Apartments
    •     Condominiums
    •     Duplexes
    •     Single Family Homes

    Whether you have one rental property or one hundred rental properties, we are here to help. Leave your worries behind. Let us handle all of your rental property management needs. 

    A Professional Approach with a Personal Touch

    We are like no other property management business in the Upstate region. We take a hands-on, personal approach to each aspect of our property management.  Our clients are much more than a number to us. We feel that we owe everything to the people who entrust us with their hard earned investment so we take our work in property management very seriously. You can trust your Greenville rental property with the Upstate’s preferred property management service, Trinity Property Management. We’ll work with you every step of the way and stay in constant contact with you.

    Property Management is Our Passion and Our One Priority

    We only work in property management. Other businesses are busy managing their properties or buying and selling real estate. With Trinity Property Management, you will be our number one priority. Our skilled and licensed property managers are focused solely on taking care of your property. You’ll never come last on our list.

    Building Personal Relationships

    We believe in building personal relationships with each client and each tenant. Personal relationships are the building blocks of having a successful and long-lasting rental property income. Our experts will take the time to get to know you and your property. We’ll be honest with our assessments and help you keep your property in great shape for years to come. We take the time to get to know you, your goals and your hopes for your property investment portfolio. We also get to know each tenant of each space so we can keep your properties leased and bringing in money.  

    Our Philosophy

    Trinity Property Management bases our philosophy on the golden rule. We work to treat each client, resident, and subcontractor like we would want to be treated. We treat each property with the same love and care that we treat our homes. We feel that when you respect people and work with integrity and passion, the benefits are endless. We approach every property with this simple idea.

    Let Us Handle All of Your Rental Property Management Needs in Greenville, SC

    Managing rental properties on your own is a lot of hard work and long hours. From legal documents and standards to collecting rents to upkeep and emergency maintenance, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. That’s why you should trust your Greenville rental property with the Upstate’s preferred property management service, Trinity Property Management. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy the income from your investment.

    Here are a few of our services:

    •     Rental Market Appraisals
    •     Defining a Profitable and Appropriate Rental Rate
    •     Scheduling Pre-Rental Maintenance
    •     Overseeing Maintenance and Repairs
    •     Creating Effective Advertising
    •     Fully Vetting Applicants to Find the Best Tenants
    •     Convenient Application Process for Prospective Tenants
    •     Creating Legally Binding and Legitimate Lease Agreements
    •     Meeting with Renters to Discuss Issues or Needs
    •     Taking Care of Routine Maintenance
    •     Handling Emergency Maintenance Requests
    •     Routine Inspections 
    •     Enforcing Rental Agreement Standards
    •     Collecting Rental Payments
    •     Providing Dependable Disbursements for Property Owners
    •     Monthly Reports on Payments
    •     Routine Record Keeping
    •     Handling Evictions if Necessary
    •     Move-Out Inspections

    This is just a small example of the work we will do for you. Save time, energy, and money. Leave the hard work to Trinity Property Management. We’ll work day and night to keep your property rental investment producing returns. Call us today at 864-534-3479.


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  • Hi, i just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Property Management has taken a load off my mind, they have been really great, proactive and on top of things. Thank you!

    Michael P. Russell

  • Hi, just wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job - very much appreciated! That's it. Best regards,

    Sharon J. Springfield

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