• Property Management Companies Helping Both Tenants and Owners

  • How Property Managment Companies Help Both Tenants and Owners

    Property management companies act as buffers between property owners and renters. These companies are suitable for investors who want to rent out their houses for rent in Greenville SC yet do not have the time to find and screen renters, collect rent or handle tenants’ complaints. Property management firms act as intermediaries between tenants and property owners. Their main role is to provide day-to-day services required of any property. Commercial owners of multiple properties who do not have time to manage the properties themselves hire property management firms. There are several advantages of hiring property management companies.

    Less Work for Home Rental Investors

    Owning and managing houses for rent requires lots of time and work. Like any other property, rental properties can suffer structural problems such as leaking roofs, flooding basements and freezing pipes that should be fixed. Tenants may complain about such problems or refuse to pay rent. When you hire a property management company, their main role will be to handle all these issues on your behalf. This frees the property owner to do other things or just rest and wait to make money off of his houses for rent without the additional hassle.

    Help Managing Distant Properties

    People who own rental properties and manage the properties themselves are either limited to properties in their area of residence or have to travel frequently to and from distant properties. Property management Greenville SC companies allow you to invest in distant rental properties without having to travel to them on a regular basis. However, it is important to research a property management company thoroughly before entrusting them with the management of your property. Working with a trusted company is more enjoyable and profitable.

    Questions to Ask a Property Management Company

    Do You Charge a Monthly Fee?

    While one of the main duties of property management Greenville SC companies is to collect rent from tenants, they may charge monthly fees ranging from 5 percent to 20 percent. Find out the total monthly fees charged by your rental property management Greenville SC company. In addition, find out if they provide additional services apart from rent collection. Do not choose a property management company simply because it charges lower fees than others do. Fully evaluate the services offered by your property management firm and be prepared to negotiate fees.

    Who Handles Maintenance and Repairs?

    Some property management firms do not have a maintenance crew on staff. Therefore, it is important to figure out who will be handling trash disposal, landscaping and roof repair. Limit the property management companies greenville scamount of money that can be spent on maintenance and repairs without your direct approval. In addition, find out if your property management firm contracts for services as this may prove to be more costly.

    How Do You Handle Evictions?

    Though many people do not plan for an eviction, a change in financial circumstances can lead to an eviction. Many property management firms do not have the right to evict tenants since lease agreements specify that only property owners can make evictions. In such cases, it is important to find out if there is an appeal mechanism on matters related to eviction and complaints.

    How Do You Screen Potential Tenants?

    Property managers are simply individuals or firms that have been hired to manage residential and commercial properties on owner’s behalf. Some of the duties of property managers may include finding and screening renters, collecting rent and arranging for repairs. Most states require property managers to be licensed real estate professionals. However, this requirement is determined by state laws and the type of property being managed.

    Keeping It Legal

    Property managers in Greenville, SC are required to follow state rental practices and the Federal Fair Housing guidelines. Federal Fair Housing guidelines prohibit property managers from discriminating tenants based on race, creed, color, nationality, religion or sex. Each state has specific laws that govern the amount of allowable deposit that can be paid for houses for rent in Greenville SC and eviction procedures. Federal Fair Housing laws may not apply in non-residential commercial properties.

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