• Best Tips for Lowering Tenant Turnover and Increasing Tenant Loyalty in Greenville SC

  • Best Tips for Lowering Tenant Turnover and Increasing Tenant Loyalty in Greenville SC

    Losing tenants and finding a replacement tenant for your rental property takes a real hit on your profits. Besides less money coming in, there are a lot of additional expenses and difficulties that come with a tenant turnover and acquiring new tenants. A professional Greenville Property Manager, like the team at Trinity Property Management, can help you lower turnover and keep tenants longer.

    Why Is an Empty Property A Liability Instead of An Asset?

    Every owner wants to enjoy a great return on their property. Before you can get the best return on your Rental Investment in Greenville SC, it’s important to understand the disadvantages of having an empty rental property. Empty rental properties become a liability because:

    • They Don’t Make Money
    • Unused Air Conditioners Create HVAC Problems
    • Unused Water Pipes Are More Likely To Freeze or Burst
    • Issues Like Flooding, Wear and Tear, or Storm Damage Go Unnoticed
    • The Likelihood of Vandalism and Theft Increase Without Someone to Watch the Property
    • Without the Rental Income Paying for Issues Creates a Deficit
    • The key point of getting a great return on any rental investment is to get great tenants in your property and keep them there.

    How to Attract the Right Tenant and Keep Them

    Finding the perfect tenant in the Greenville SC area can be an expensive and time-consuming process. You have to list and advertise the rental property as well as conduct inspections, vet applicants and make the rental property move in ready. Trinity Property Management is your trusted Greenville SC Property Manager with all the tools you need to find and retain the right tenant for your property. Here’s how we help you attract great tenants and create tenant loyalty:

    1) Ensure Your Rental Property is Appealing - If you want people to live or run their business in your rental property, it has to appeal to potential tenants. This means paying special attention to:

    • Landscaping
    • Wear and Tear on the Building
    • Beautiful Entryways
    • Clean Carpets and Countertops
    • Fresh Paint When Needed

    The real key is to keep it fresh, clean, and appealing.

    2) Get to Know Possible TenantsAsk engaging questions in a friendly manner.

    • Where Are They Coming From?
    • Where Is Their Work?
    • How Long Is Their Commute?
    • What Are They Looking for In a Home?

    Asking these questions will help you avoid the mistake of filling the property with “for now. Long commuters quickly tire of the drive and find someplace else. Tenants settling for what you have instead of what they need will always be looking for something else. Make sure your investment property fits the tenant and they will stay.

    3) Priced to Perfection - Understand the area’s average market rental price. Overpricing will get you tenants who will look for better offers. Remember: Higher Rental Rates Don't Equal More Money! If your tenant leaves for a similar rental property at market value, you will lose more than you gained.

    4) Be Honest and Keep Communication Open - Great communication and honest representation create a mutually beneficial relationshibetween you and your tenant. Tenants will feel valued and you will reap the rewards of loyalty.

    • Return Calls Immediately
    • Keep Tenants Informed of Maintenance
    • Explain Tenant Responsibilities for Property Care Such As Air Filter Replacements or Prevention of Freezing Pipes
    • Inform Tenants of Any Upcoming Developments or Changes
    • Listen to Complaints and Respond Quickly

    5) Repair Rapidly - If your tenant notices any issues in your property, respond to the need quickly. In actuality, they are doing you a great service. The repairs will need to be done and they are best done while you still have rental income pouring in and before the damage gets worse.

    Creating Tenant Loyalty and Ending Turnover Is Great for Business

     The key to getting a great return on your investment with rental properties is finding tenants who stick around. Trinity Property Management remains the preferred Property Manager for Greenville SC and the surrounding region of Spartanburg County and Anderson County. Call us today at 864-534-3479 or contact us online. We will keep your property polished and occupied, while you enjoy the profits.